Using Cycle Plans in My Schedule

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To help ensure users plan their calls according to their cycle plans, users can view cycle plan information from My Schedule, display cycle plan attributes at the target and detail level, and filter and sort based on cycle plan attributes.

For example, Sarah Jones plans her calls for the upcoming week. She selects the current cycle plan from the accounts lists and views menu to see which accounts she should call on to complete her active cycle plan. Cycle plan metrics display below the account names in the accounts panel. Sarah sees there are two remaining calls each for Dr. Ackerman and Dr. Adams. She schedules calls for Dr. Ackerman and Dr. Adam to meet her cycle plan goals.


Configuring Cycle Plans in My Schedule

To enable this feature:

  1. Select the ENABLE_ADVANCED_CYCLE_PLAN_SCHEDULING_vod Veeva Setting check box. This setting enables all cycle plan functionality in My Schedule.
  2. Grant users Edit FLS permission to the Scheduler_Cycle_Plan_Display_vod field on the Preferences_vod object to retain the user's display preferences in the scheduler for cycle plans (optional).

Using Classic Cycle Plans in My Schedule

To view classic cycle plan information in My Schedule, select the appropriate cycle plan from the account lists and views menu.

When a classic cycle plan is selected, classic cycle plan target metrics display beneath the account name (Planned, Actual, Scheduled, Attainment or Remaining, and Remaining Schedule).

Filtering Accounts on Classic Cycle Plan Attributes

If Creating Custom My Schedule Filters is enabled, users can automatically filter on Classic Cycle Plan attributes:

  1. Select the appropriate Classic Cycle Plan from the Cycle Plans section of the account lists and views drop-down list.

  2. Select the filter icon at the top of the accounts panel.

  3. Select a classic cycle plan attribute to filter on.
  4. Define filter criteria for each selected filter.

  5. Select Apply to filter accounts. To filter accounts on multiple attributes, select multiple filters at once.

To clear filters and view an unfiltered list of accounts in the cycle plan:

  1. Select Clear from the filter menu.
  2. Select Apply.

Viewing Classic Cycle Plan Information with Display-By

To display additional cycle plan information for each account in the cycle plan:

  1. Select the appropriate Classic Cycle Plan from the Cycle Plans section of the account lists and views dropdown menu.

  2. Select the gear icon at the top of the accounts panel.
  3. Select the Display By field to access the Configure Display menu.

    Browser (Classic) users do not need to select Display By. The Configure Display menu automatically displays after selecting the gear icon.

  4. Select the desired context from the first picklist.

    By default, the following options display:
    • Address
    • Cycle Plan Target attributes
    • Products included in the cycle plan

    For information on enabling custom display-by attributes, see Viewing Custom Information with Display-By.

  5. Select the desired attribute from the second picklist. By default, My Calls and Total Calls display, as well as any custom and pull-in fields defined for cycle plan targets.

  6. If there is a Cycle_Plan_Detail_vod or Total_Cycle_Plan_Detail_vod section on the Cycle_Plan_Detail_vod page layout, a third picklist displays the fields included in the Cycle_Plan_Detail_vod or Total_Cycle_Plan_Detail_vod sections.

  7. Select Save to display the selected attribute for accounts in the cycle plan.

    For Browser (Classic) users, select Apply.

Using Multichannel Cycle Plans in My Schedule

To filter on MCCP attributes, enable MCCP Filtering in My Schedule. To display MCCP-related information in the accounts panel with the display-by functionality, configure Display-By for MCCP Attributes.

For more information on scheduling and multichannel cycle plans, see Scheduling Calls for MCCP Targets.

Viewing Detailed Cycle Plan Information in My Schedule

To view more detailed Classic Cycle Plan or MCCP information for the target, select View Plan Details from the More Actions menu for the account.

The View Details popup window includes a graphic indicator for plan progress and a table displaying call goals by product. To display call goals or total team call goals, toggle the segmented control below the account name.

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