Sample Receipt Grouping

The Sample Receipt Grouping feature provides users the ability to acknowledge all line items associated with a single shipment or transfer as one action. The grouping feature for a pending sample receipt is based on the value in the Shipment ID field. If this feature is enabled, all line items with the same Shipment ID are grouped together to be acknowledged at one time. The pending sample receipt in the My Samples tab displays as below:

When a user clicks Confirm, all line items associated with the Shipment ID, display in a new Confirm Receipt page. The user is able to enter all quantities received and any associated comments on one page and save as one action.

Enable the Enable Sample Receipt Grouping setting.

In order for this feature to function properly, multi-line transfers must be enabled since grouping of the sample receipts is dependent on each line item having the same Shipment ID. Also, when inputting quantities received, the quantity field is required and a value must be entered. If no quantities of a particular line item were received, the user should enter a value of 0. Any changes to quantities once a particular shipment or transfer is received must be completed via an adjustment transaction.

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