Components of Sample Management

The main objects that comprise the Sample Management module are:

  • Address (Address_vod) - When a user selects an account for sampling, validation is performed against the address and license information stored on this object
  • Content Acknowledgment (Content_Acknowledgment_vod) - The Content Acknowledgment object stores Acknowledgment of Content receipt signatures and fulfillment data for sample requests/BRCs shipped directly to HCPs, for example shipment and delivery status
  • Content Acknowledgment Item (Content_Acknowledgement_Item_vod) - The Content Acknowledgment Item store product-level details for Content Acknowledgment records
  • Product Catalog (Product_vod) - The Product Catalog stores product information for all detail and sample products. In order to select a sample product on the call report, users must have access to the corresponding record in the product catalog.
  • Rep Roster (Rep_Roster_vod) - The Rep Roster object stores relevant information about each user who manages sample inventory—for example, user contact information and sample storage location address
  • Sample Inventory (Sample_Inventory_vod and Sample_Inventory_Item_vod) - The Sample Inventory object contains the header record for a user’s physical inventory of sample lots. Sample_Inventory_Item_vod contains the records for individual line items in an inventory.
  • Sample Limit (Sample_Limit_vod) - the Sample Limit object stores information on any sample limits defined by administrators. See Creating Sample and Product Limits for more information on defining and enforcing limits on sample quantities.
  • Sample Lot (Sample_Lot_vod)- The Sample Lot object stores user-specific sample records and lot numbers available for Sample Transactions. In order to disburse a product, users must have access to the corresponding Sample Lot record.
  • Sample Lot Add (Sample_Lot_Add_vod) - The Sample_Lot_Add_vod object stores user requests for additional sample lots
  • Sample Lot Item (Sample_Lot_Item_vod) - The Sample_Lot_Item_vod contains information on the attributes of an individual, user-specific sample lot—for example, whether the sample lot is active
  • Sample Order Transaction (Sample_Order_Transaction_vod) - The Sample Order Transaction object maintains and controls all transactional data related to sample requests/BRCs
  • Sample Order Transaction Audit (Sample_Order_Transaction_Audit_vod) - If a sample order is updated or deleted, the change is automatically recorded on the Sample_Order_Transaction_Audit_vod object
  • Sample Receipt (Sample_Receipt_vod) - The Sample Receipt object stores records for all pending sample receipts. When samples are transferred to a user, a pending sample receipt record is automatically created by the Sample_Transaction_vod trigger on the Sample Transaction object.
  • Sample Transaction (Sample_Transaction_vod) - The Sample Transaction object stores all transactional data related to samples—for example, information on sample disbursements, adjustments, transfers, and returns
  • Sample Transaction Audit (Sample_Transaction_Audit_vod) - If a sample transaction is updated or deleted, the change is automatically recorded on the Sample Transaction Audit object