Validation Impacting Defect Fixes





iPad CRM - 84386 When editing the Datetime of Call with an address that is not the default, the Address reverts to the default Address. Call Reporting
Online CRM - 84521 Product Types for Sample Management were only working at the Global level, not the Profile level. Sample Management
iPad CRM - 87970 The Request Receipt field was displaying on the AOC Signature page on iPad for users who did not have the appropriate FLS permissions. Call Sampling
iPad CRM - 88037 The Address field was not populating on Child Calls with unique activities. Call Reporting
Online CRM - 90066 An error occurred when selecting the Jump To button after sampling attendees on a Business Call with attendees. Call Reporting
Online CRM - 90353 The Printed Receipt was not reflecting the correct manufacturer name. Sample Management

Browser (Classic)

CRM - 90656

An error message displayed when trying to unlock a Call.

Call Reporting

Online CRM - 90791 Sample Transactions were taking longer to load than usual. Sample Management


CRM - 92758

Users were not able to sample BRCs on the day the license expired.

Call Sampling

Online CRM - 94107 The Datetime was not updating when editing a saved Call. Call Reporting