New in Veeva CRM 26

The following changes are available to all licensed users of a given product. Instructions to configure these options are discussed in each topic and in the Veeva CRM product documentation.

Core CRM

Account-Based Selling

Medical CRM

Events Managements


Network Integration


Windows Tablet

Events Management

The Events Management functionality is now available on Windows Tablet devices. See Events Management for more information.

Medical CRM

Users are now able to access Veeva Medical CRM on Windows Tablet. For more information, see Medical

Viewing MCCP

Windows Tablet users can now view MCCP offline. See the Multichannel Cycle Plans topic for more information.


From the Targets tab, users can multi-select targets and save them to an account list. This can be enabled by adding the Account_List_vod value to the MCCP_ENABLE_ACTIONS_My_Plan_vod Multichannel Setting.

Personalizing User Profiles

Windows Tablet users are now able to add basic information via custom fields, including photos to an Approved Email to make it more personal. See Personalizing User Profiles for more information.

Save for Later

Windows Tablet users can now associate an Account or a Call to a saved CLM session. SeeAssociating an Account/Call to Media Preview Trackingfor more information.

Order Management

Displaying Line Quantity

Windows Tablet users can now view Order Line quantities while the Line Entry panel is open.

Buttons on the Order Lines Tab

The Save, Submit and Sign, and Cancel buttons now display on the Product Selector view in Windows Tablet if they exist on the Order Header view. See theOrder Management Overviewtopic for more information on Order Lines.

Displaying Targets in Call

Windows Tablet users can now confirm an entered quantity by selecting on another order line.

Add New Address on the Order

Windows Tablet users now have the option to add a new address to the order.  See the Order Addresses section for more information.