New Objects

The list below contains all new objects added in Veeva CRM Version 25.

Object Label Master Object Description
Application_Label_vod__c Application Label   Customized labels to be applied in offline app for special user categories, such as Medical users.
Company_Collaboration_vod__c Company Collaboration   Stores information about relationship strength of person to Company.
Consent_Header_vod__c Consent Header  

Consent Header defines the country and the language for which the consent capture functionality is available for.

Consent_Line_vod__c Consent Line Consent Type Consent Line drives what products or sub channels can be consented for.
Consent_Type_vod__c Consent Type Consent Header

Consent Type drives the consent, disclaimer, product list, expiration date for each channel on the consent capture page.

EM_Event_Material_vod__c Event Material   Used to associate materials to an individual event.
EM_Topic_Material_vod__c Topic Material   Used to associate materials to a particular event topic for Veeva Events Management.
Focus_Area_vod__c Focus Area Account Areas where KOLs provide expertise.
Index_vod__c Index Account KOL Indexes
Position_vod__c Position   Institutions where Stakeholders have worked and in which capacity they worked in.
Pricing_Subrule_vod__c Pricing Subrule   Pricing Rule Child of the Pricing Rule object. Used to define pricing rule conditions.
Stakeholder_Clinical_Trial_vod__c Account Clinical Trial Clinical Trial Clinical Trial participant information.
Stakeholder_Layout_vod__c Stakeholder Profile   Layout Used to configure the KOL Stakeholder profile page.
Stakeholder_Preference_vod__c Stakeholder Preference   Captures information on HCP/HCO channel and offer preferences.
Stakeholder_Publication_vod__c Account Publication   Publication participation information.
Suggestion_Feedback_vod__c Suggestion Feedback Suggestion Captures information on user activity.
Suggestion_Tag_vod__c Suggestion Tab Suggestion Stores information on key suggestion attributes.
Suggestion_vod__c Suggestion   Stores information about next best action suggestions.