New Objects

The list below contains all new objects added in Veeva CRM Version 23.



Master Object


Account_Partner_vod Account Partner   Used to associate two accounts for Order Management functionality.
MC_Cycle_Channel_vod MC Cycle Channel MC_Cycle Defines the list of Channels in a Cycle.
MC_Cycle_Plan_Channel_vod MC Cycle Plan Channel MC_Cycle_Plan_Target Defines an activity channel associated to a Cycle Plan Target.
MC_Cycle_Plan_Product_vod MC Cycle Plan Product MC_Cycle_Plan_Channel Defines a product that is associated to a Cycle Plan Channel.
MC_Cycle_Plan_Summary_vod MC Cycle Plan Summary MC_Cycle_Plan Stores Channel and Product aggregate calculations for each cycle plan.
MC_Cycle_Plan_Target_vod Multichannel Cycle Plan Target MC_Cycle_Plan Defines a Cycle Plan Target and the overall interaction values assigned to the Target.
MC_Cycle_Product_vod MC Cycle Product MC_Cycle_Channel Defines the list of Products in a Cycle Channel.
MC_Cycle_vod MC Cycle   Defines an overall cycle.
MC_Cycle_Plan_ vod MC Cycle Plan   The Cycle Plan object holds a list of target accounts for a specified time frame.