Validation Impacting Defect Fixes





Online CRM - 25403 The Lot Catalog External ID field was too small. Sample Management
Online CRM - 26251 The Ship ID was not included in the Sample Receipt. Sample Management
Online CRM - 47386 The Ship To Address fields were being cleared after unlocking and subsequently saving a call that had BRC Samples. Call Sampling
Online CRM - 49663 Searching and selecting an attendee not affiliated with the business removes the Sample button from group Calls. Call Sampling
Online CRM - 51005 Users were able to submit High Value Promotional Items without a signature. Call Sampling
iPad CRM - 30455 Toggling the State on Address allows samples to be associated with invalid addresses. Call Sampling
iPad CRM - 42544 After adding a sample and saving the Call, the Call Type was updated incorrectly after the sync. Call Sampling
iPad/Windows 8 CRM - 43459 The sort order for Lot numbers wasn't sorted properly. Call Sampling
iPad CRM - 47146 Users could not edit the Inventory For field. Sample Management
iPad CRM - 47265 The Sample Status was different online vs iPad Call Sampling
iPad CRM - 50264 The Ship To Address was displaying differently between Online and iPad. Call Sampling
iPad CRM - 51226 An error occurred after entering all required data and saving a Call. Call Reporting
Windows 8 CRM - 48913 Users were able to Save and Submit calls without an address which is a required field. Call Reporting
Windows 8 CRM - 52126 Calls were being submitted without an Address Call Reporting