Many new features can be enabled with Veeva CRM 22. This document provides a brief explanation of each new feature and updates to existing features. Complete documentation for these features is available on October 31st on the home page of the Veeva Systems Customer Support Portal at:

If you do not have a login to the customer portal, you can request a login by filling out the form on the customer portal page.

Documentation is also available via your Home page within your Veeva org.


Veeva CRM 22 brings major improvements across the full suite of applications, providing enhancements that optimize user experience and maximize productivity.

Key enhancements include:

  • Veeva CRM CoBrowse– A new channel for user guided remote detailing through online content sharing and navigation.
  • Enhanced User Interface – Veeva CRM for iPad’s user interface has been greatly improved; no retraining required.
  • Timeline View – New visual panels on CRM for iPad provide an enhanced view of an account’s status.
  • Medical Inquiry from CLM – Create Medical Inquires directly from a CLM presentation.
  • BRC and Promo Items Management – Customers can track and manage all product types in the same manner they currently do for Samples, providing greater control of the products disbursed to physicians.
  • VInsights on CRM for iPad – Weekly data is now supported on the Account Summary control. Prescriber Level Formulary is available offline.
  • Offline Validation Rules – Validation rules execution on CRM for iPad are expanded to include Medical Inquiries, Medical Events, Order Management, and Inventory Monitoring.
  • Veeva CRM Approved Email – Display the rep’s profile within the email, providing for higher engagement with targeted physicians.
  • Inventory Monitoring – Enhancements to the Inventory Monitoring module make the Consumer Health rep more efficient with support for record types, custom sorting, and improved usability.
  • Order Management – Many improvements, such as Smart Edit and Order Clone, make the life of the consumer representative much easier.
  • Veeva CRM and CLM on Windows Tablet –Many new features are available: Approved Email, Network Integration, Surveys, Contracts, Documents, and more.
  • Veeva CRM – Veeva Network Integration – Implementations that span multiple countries are now supported by both products and the integration between them.


Detailed instructions are available later in this document for settings required to fully enable all new features in Veeva CRM 22.

Quick Start

You can enable some of the new functionality in your sandbox by making these quick changes:

  • Add the corresponding marker fields (zvod_cycle_plan, zvod_call_objectives, zvod_product_metrics) to display the Cycle Plan, Call Objectives, and Product Metrics panels on the Account Timeline page
  • Set the MEDICAL_INQUIRY_OVERLAY_vod Veeva Setting to ‘1’ to allow users to create Medical Inquiries directly from CLM Presentations
  • Allow Business Accounts to be added to Medical Events by setting the BUSINESS_ACCOUNT_ATTENDEE_MODE_vod Veeva Setting to ‘1’
  • Configure the Surveys home page widget on Windows Tablet by adding the zvod_Surveys_vod field to the user’s page layout for the VMobile_Homepage_Layout_vod object
  • Configure the Call Objectives home page widget by adding the zvod_Call_Objectives_vod field to the user’s page layout for the VMobile_Home_Page_Layout_vod object

User Visible and Behavior Changes

Most new features are delivered disabled by default; however users are able to view the following features immediately:

  • All users of Veeva CRM on iPad will notice a new and improved user interface for editing and creating new records
  • Fields with help text defined have a question mark icon displayed next to the field label on the Veeva CRM for iPad application
  • Required fields on Veeva CRM for iPad now display with a horizontal red line, following the paradigm of, as well as our browser and Windows Tablet applications
  • On Veeva CRM on iPad, users of the Account Summary, Sphere of Influence, Account Hierarchy, and Timeline can view navigation icons on the top left hand corner of the top bar
  • Locally referenced PDFs from HTML CLM content display in an overlay window that has a Done button to dismiss the overlay and return to the HTML content
  • Launch Media button displays on the Medical Event page
  • When editing a key stakeholder in the Account Hierarchy or Sphere of Influence as part of an Account Plan, the edit dialog pops up rather than directing the user to a different edit page
  • Users who have access to the Account Identifier field and utilize Call Objectives, notice the Account Identifier now displays on Call Objectives when accessing from the iPad Home Page
  • Users who have access to the Last_View_Used field on Preferences_vod notice CRM for iPad now recalls their last viewed My Accounts View or Account List, as well as the Business Account and Person Account check box filters
  • Users will now see an All Accounts view in the Views list in the My Accounts tab. This view displays all the accounts on the local database. Users must have access to the View_vod object in order for the Views list to be visible.
  • Users with Read, Create, and Edit permission on User_Detail_vod can view the My Profile tab and are able to edit the fields
  • Online users view a horizontal scrollbar on Inventory Monitoring Lines when all the fields on the page layout do not fit on one page
  • When the user changes any of the pricing-relevant fields on the Order header (Order Date, Currency, Record Type, Contract, Campaign), a pop up dialog displays notifying them if any field values on the Order Header have changed and if any products were added, removed, or had quantities deleted on the Order Lines
  • If Mass Add is enabled, when a user creates an Inventory Monitoring record, the Product Selector screen does not display when navigating to the Inventory Monitoring Lines tab, instead the IM Lines page displays with all products automatically added to the IM Lines
  • Previously in Order Management, when users entered discount overrides via the Net Price field, rounded discount percentage was used in all the calculations. We have improved the precision of the calculations by using the unrounded discount.
  • In Order Management on Veeva CRM for iPad, searching and filtering will now apply to Order Lines, as well as products available for selection.
  • The Multichannel Process Scheduler UI is receiving some minor updates in both the look and feel of the interface and the labels of the integration processes. These changes are aimed at making the tool more intuitive and generally easier to use.
  • For customers using offline VInsights Account Summary, if weekly sales data is available for download, and if a weekly data type is selected, the "weekly" option is now available in the Time Scale picklist
  • For VInsights Admin users, a new "Restore Prior Version" link displays when an archived file is available
  • For VInsights customers loading sales data using a control (.ctl) file, the body of the load process completed email now has additional information such as the org Id and the duration of the load process
  • The scrolling behavior when you tap on an error message in edit mode was removed
  • The large play button that displays on top of Engage content when viewing Engage content on mobile devices is no longer displayed
  • The implementation of the full screen button for the Engage player has changed. In most cases, the full screen button displays, but in a few cases, where this new implementation is not supported, the full screen button is hidden. If you are interested, here is a list of the browser support: