21R3.0 Known Issues

Engage Meeting

Platform Issue Description Issue Number

Engage Web Client

An error occurs if attendees using the Chrome 92 browser attempt to cancel, clear, or select the back button on the Remote Signature page.


iPad, iPhone When users generate remote signature requests from Sandbox orgs in version 213.0.100, Manufacturer and Distributor labels display incorrectly on the HCP’s sample details screen. This issue will be addressed in the 213.0.200 production release. CRM-239142

CRM Desktop (Windows), Windows Engage Attendee App

An emoji icon incorrectly displays in the Chat window that opens an empty popover when selected. Emojis are currently not supported on these platforms.



Territory Feedback

Platform Issue Description Issue Number

Browser (Lightning)

Users cannot select the More Actions button in the Edit Alignments table unless a Pending challenge exists against the account.