New Objects

The list below contains all new objects added in Veeva CRM Version 19R1.

Object Label Description
Andi_Journey_vod Journey The Journey object defines the header information of a Journey.
Andi_Journey_Stage_vod Journey Stage The Journey Stage object defines the collection of Stages in a given Journey. This object stores the associated methodology for the Progression Criteria of an Account along the Stages of the Journey.
Andi_Journey_Stage_Account_vod Journey Stage Account The Journey Stage Account object holds the current and historical Journey Stage assignment for a given Account.
Andi_Journey_Stage_Action_vod Journey Stage Action The Journey Stage Action object provides the available Actions that a User could take within a Stage. These Actions include Channel, Content and Key Message combinations.
Message_Template_Content_vod Message Template Content  
Planogram_Line_vod Planogram Line Planogram Line provides drives positions and dimensions for gondolas, shelves and products in the planogram.
Planogram_vod Planogram Planogram header to establish how a set of products should be displayed in pharmacy/ mass market (accounts).
WeChat_Settings_vod WeChat Settings Customer Settings for WeChat CRM