Validation Impacting Defect Fixes






iPad CRM - 143223 User wasn't required to enter a value for the Sample Card Reason field. Call Sampling
iPad CRM - 143294 Supervising Physician field not displaying. Call Reporting
iPad CRM - 148609 An error occurred when submitting with Sample Inventory. Sample Mgmt
iPad CRM - 149022 Sample Warning Quantity Indicator doesn't work offline. Sample Mgmt
iPad CRM - 152496 Signature Blurry and Fades on the side of the box. Call Sampling
iPad CRM - 152854 Create Medical Inquiry from Related Child Accounts List Missing Medical Inquiries
iPad CRM - 153185 Sunrise Signature Capture "Show Blockers." Call Sampling


CRM - 153261

Samples do not display correctly on Signature page. Disclaimer is cut off.

Medical Inquiries
iPad CRM - 153737 Unable to delete some cloned records. Medical Inquiries


CRM - 153758

The Sync Error Detail Page cannot be reviewed.


iPad CRM - 153949 Resources are not displaying. Call Sampling


CRM - 153980

Canceling a signed Medical Inquiry seems to delete the record but it still displays in the related list.

Medical Inquiries
iPad CRM - 154169 An error occurs with the Sync and the CLM Overlay. Medical Inquiries


CRM - 154796

An error occurs when selecting the + icon to create a new record.

Sample Mgmt

iPad CRM - 156005 The Sample quantity did not display on the signature page. Call Sampling


CRM - 156039

Accounts were not defined.

Medical Inquiries

iPad CRM - 157112 Fullfilment section did not display on the call. Medical Inquiries

Browser (Classic)

CRM - 157218

Can't select an account from a Medical Inquiry.

Medical Inquiries

iPad CRM - 157515 An error occurred with the default setting for the VOD_MEDICAL_INQUIRY_AFTER_INSERT_UPDATE Trigger. Medical Inquiries


CRM - 157885

An error occurred when trying to submit a new Sample without filling in a mandatory field.

Sample Mgmt

iPad CRM - 157983 The + button displayed on the Sample Inventories page even though users did not have the correct permissions. Sample Mgmt


CRM - 158274

Completed By, Completed Datetime fields do not populate on Medical Inquiry Fulfillment Response.

Medical Inquiries

Windows 8/10 CRM - 159306 Sync tries to upsert MIF record without an Assign To Value Medical Inquiries