New Fields

The list below contains all fields added in Veeva CRM Version 18R2. The fields are organized by object. Visibility to all fields is disabled by default to all users except administrators. See the Veeva Data Model information for a full listing of Veeva objects.


Field Name

Field Label

Field Description



Call2_vod__c Ship_To_Address_Text_vod__c Ship To Address The Ship to Address Formula field corresponds to a formatted version of the Ship to Address fields. This value is leveraged in the case that the referenced Ship to Address has been deleted. This field should not be added to a Page Layout. Formula  
Clm_Presentation_vod__c Control_Visibility_vod__c Control Visibility If Product is selected, then Detail Group field is ignored when determining CLM content visibility. If Detail Group is selected, then Product field is ignored when determining CLM content visibility. Picklist  
EM_Event_Rule_vod__c Search_Outside_Territory_Filter_vod__c Search Outside My Territory Additional Filter for Search Outside Territory Checkbox  
EM_Event_Rule_vod__c Search_Outside_Territory_Record_Type_vod__c Search Outside Territory Record Types Semicolon separated list of Account Record Types to be included in the result list for Search Outside Territory LongTextArea  
Order_vod__c zvod_Free_Good_Splitting_vod__c zvod_Free_Good_Splitting_vod__c marker field to allow users to manually allocate Free Goods per Delivery during order splitting Checkbox  
Suggestion_vod__c Priority_vod__c Priority Determines the priority of the Suggestion Picklist  
Survey_Target_vod__c Employee_Comment_vod__c Employee Comment Stores the Employee Comment response. Long Text Area  
Survey_Target_vod__c Enable_Employee_Comment_vod__c Enable Employee Comment Copied from Survey_vod when Survey Target header is created. Picklist  
Survey_vod__c Enable_Employee_Comment_vod__c Enable Employee Comment Admins use this picklist when designing an Advanced Coaching Report to select whether Employees should be able to comment on an Advanced Coaching Report, and if yes, is the Employee Comment required. Picklist  
Territory_Settings_vod__c Align_Integration_User_vod__c Align Integration User The Align Integration User that is integrated to this Veeva CRM Org. Text  
Territory_Settings_vod__c Align_Server_vod__c Align Server The Align Server URL that is integrated to this Veeva CRM Org. Text  
Territory_Settings_vod__c Align_Version_vod__c Align Version The Align Version that is integrated to this Veeva CRM Org. Text  
VMobile_Object_Configuration_vod__c Device_vod__c Device This determines the Client Device. A blank value is interpreted as Tablet_vod. Picklist  
Veeva_Settings_vod__c CONTENT_ACKNOWLEDGEMENT_TEMPLATE_vod__c Content Acknowledgement Template The format of the generated Content Acknowledgment receipt can be configured by modifying the HTML text contained within this setting. Text