Validation Impacting Defect Fixes





Online CRM - 131416 Sample Order Transactions were being created before a call was submitted when the Enable Samples On Save Veeva setting was disabled. Sample Management
Online CRM - 131417 After canceling a sample, the quantity was not credited back Sample Limits
Online CRM - 132192 Deleting Sample Limit Transaction records caused Sample Limits to update. Sample Limits
Windows Tablet CRM - 132331 An error occurred when editing a call with an attendee selected. Call Reporting


CRM - 132947

Longer addresses did not display properly in the Ship to Address field

Call Sampling

iPad CRM - 135314 Selecting the Accept button on the Signature page caused an error if the user did not have access to the Ship_To_Address_Text_vod field. Call Sampling


CRM - 135988

Content Acknowledgment was not updating online records with offline captured signatures.


iPad CRM - 137378 Sample Send cards could be sent without license validation even when the ENABLE_SAMPLE_CARD_LICENSE_CHECK_vod Veeva Setting was enabled. Call Sampling


CRM - 137482

The Country_vod field did not display on the sample request page.

Call Sampling

Online CRM - 138418 When selecting a Calendar type Consent Template, the expiration date was placed a day too early. Call Sampling