Validation Impacting Defect Fixes





Online CRM - 112989 The License_vod field was not being stamped to the Call. Call Reporting
iPad, Windows Tablet CRM - 115900 The zvod_Disclaimer_vod text was not displaying the default disclaimer text. Medical Inquiries
Online CRM - 116445 The DEA Status is displaying valid for an address when the Account has another address with the same name that also has valid DEA information. Call Sampling, Sample Management
Windows Tablet CRM - 119361 An error occurs when trying to record a Call. Call Reporting
iPad CRM - 121530 Ship_To_Address_Text_vod was not displaying the correct value. Call Sampling
Windows Tablet CRM - 123597 When a user attempted to sign for a sample for an account with inconsistent state license information, an error periodically occurred. Call Sampling
iPad CRM - 123930 Attendees on Group Calls were not validated correctly. Call Sampling
Online CRM - 124474 When creating a Call on an Event, an error occurred. Call Reporting
Windows Tablet CRM - 124791 When a signature was captured on a Child Call that was part of a Group Unique Activities Call, the signature was saved on the Parent Call instead of the Child Call. Call Reporting
Online CRM - 125258 An error occurred when trying to view My Samples. Sample Management
Online CRM - 125869 Accounts that are valid to sample displayed as invalid on the Call Report. This has been fixed. Call Sampling
Online CRM - 126068 When data loading Call data, the call_date_vod field was not updated with the Call_DateTime_vod field value. Call Reporting

Browser (Classic)

CRM - 129384

An error occurred when selecting the Create Response button.

Medical Inquiries

iPad CRM - 129617 An error occurred when syncing. Sync

Browser (Classic)

CRM - 129712

When changing record types, a blank page displayed in the Medical Inquiry Fulfillment Response page.

Medical Inquiries

Online CRM - 129757 The Call page did not display correctly. Call Reporting

Windows Tablet

CRM - 131023

MIFRs were not syncing properly.

Medical Inquiries.

Online CRM - 131417 The Sample Limit Disbursed quantity was not credited properly when canceling. Sample Limits


CRM - 131888

After adding the --nsl section signal, was still checking for a valid license.

Call Sampling

Windows Tablet CRM - 132189 Data was removed during a sync. Sync

Browser (Classic)

CRM - 132192

Sample Limit disbursed quantities were being updated after deleting the SLT records.

Sample Limits