Validation Impacting Defect Fixes





All CRM - 112989 The License_vod__c field was not being stamped on manually created Calls online even though the Parent_Address_vod record indicated a valid license number and License_valid_to_sample_vod. Call Reporting
Online CRM - 114373 When a user created a Call with samples using virtual lot numbers, the Lot # field populated with the product name instead of with NO_Lot_vod. Call Sampling
Online CRM - 115648 When a Sample Inventory Item line contained a value over 1000, the value displayed with a decimal instead of a comma. Sample Management
Online CRM - 116445 The DEA_Status_vod value was not displaying the correct status for Accounts with multiple addresses. Call Sampling
iPad CRM - 116724 Extremely long product names did not fully display on the Sample Signature page. Call Sampling
iPad CRM - 116833 Manufacturer and Distributor information related to a product did not fully display on the Acknowledgement of Content Signature page. Call Sampling
Windows Tablet CRM - 119361 An error occurred when trying to create a Call. Call Reporting
iPad CRM - 119830 In some configurations, the Call Sample Signature page disclaimer pop out icon displayed no matter how long the disclaimer text was. The text in the pop out did not display the correct text. Call Sampling
Windows Tablet CRM - 120797 An error occurred with the initial sync being repeated after logging out. Sync