Validation Impacting Defect Fixes





Windows Tablet CRM – 102302 Users were unable to create a Call from My Schedule. Call Reporting
Online CRM – 107963 When changing a Call status from Submitted to Saved, Call Samples were deleted and recreated. Call Sampling
Online CRM – 110500 The duplicate child Call status was not the same as the parent Call status. Call Reporting

Browser (Classic)

CRM - 104899

An error occurred when trying to access a Parent Call with children.

Call Reporting

Online CRM - 106594 An error occurred when trying to open the Call page. Call Reporting
Online CRM - 105330 Users were able to Sample even though the license was invalid. Sample Management
iPad CRM – 108324 The Call Backdate Limit triggered incorrectly when Saving and Submitting with Call DateTime was not on the page layout but the Call Date was. Call Reporting
iPad CRM – 109373 An error occurred with the pop-up window for the Disclaimer. Call Sampling
iPad CRM – 110870 An error occurred when trying to sync. Sync
iPad CRM – 111395 Users were not able to sign for Samples Call Sampling. Call Sampling
iPad CRM – 112953 Product names were not wrapping correctly on the AOC Signature page. Call Sampling