Product Catalog Components

The Product Catalog includes the following components, which are the product types delivered out-of-the-box in Veeva CRM:

  • Detail – this type represents the product detailed, or discussed, during sales rep calls against targeted accounts. Access to the other type of products is driven by alignment of users to the Detail level product, via the My Setup page. Product types such as Order, Sample, and BRC are children of a Product Detail. This relationship is defined in the Parent_Product_vod field of the child object which refers to the Detail Product.
  • Sample – represents samples disbursed to physicians as free products. These have lot numbers and form factors stored in the Sample Lot object.
  • BRC – Business Reply Cards, or BRCs, represent requests to ship product samples to an HCP
  • Promotional Item – any non-sample item disbursed to physicians, or other targeted accounts, free of charge. Examples include educational brochures and pamphlets, pens, USB drives, etc.
  • Order – for products ordered by pharmacies and other institutions. These have a monetary value driven by pricing rules defined in the Pricing_Rule_vod object.
  • Detail Group – this special type is used to represent a group of Detail level products. Unlike other types, this type does not have a Detail level product as its parent. Detail products that are part of a Detail Group are linked together via the Product Group object.
  • Detail Topic – represents a topic of discussion relating to a Detail Group
  • Reprint – a physical paper copy of information material, such as a Product Information brochure, or Important Safety Information inset
  • Alternative Sample – a product sample that does not require a lot number for disbursement (e.g.: co-pay cards, vouchers). Alternative samples require both a valid license status and an HCP signature. It should have the Parent_Product_vod field populated with a Detail-level product.
  • High Value Promotional Item- any highly valued marketing or sales aid requiring an HCP's signature when left at a call location. (e.g.: medical books, models, demonstration devices). The Parent_Product_vod field must be populated with a Detail-level product.
  • Kit Item – Items that make up a kit, which is a virtual bundling of two types of products. Products of type kit item are linked to the kit by setting the parent product to the corresponding kit record (product catalog record with Product_Type_vod = Order)
  • Product Group – links detail products that are part of a Detail Group, or Order_vod products to a Product Group
  • Sample Product Group – a group of samples (products of type Sample or BRC) from the Product Catalog against which specific disbursement limit rules may be defined. These items are from the same company but may or may not belong to the same brand (products of type detail). It is also sometimes referred as Sample Portfolio or Sample Band.