Using the My Setup Page

  • Browser
  • iPad

The My Setup page displays all Company and Competitor Products, as well as any Detail Groups, as configured in the Product Catalog. My Setup enables users to specify which products they are responsible for promoting at their accounts as well as any Competitor Products that are pertinent to their Accounts. Products selected on this page are available for each user in Call Reporting and display in each user’s Product Metrics. Available Company and Competitor Products display alphabetically.

Competitor products display in the Product Selector and are available for users to place orders for the iPad only.

Each user’s product preferences are stored in the My_Setup_Products_vod custom object. The My_Setup_Products_vod object can be pre-populated during implementation to preselect products for users. This is especially useful if all the users of the application focus on the same product set.

The My_Setup_Products_vod object utilizes the MySetupLgtnVod Visualforce page to present product check box selections to the user.

Users can only view or edit products on the My Setup page for themselves or other users who are lower than they are in the Territory Hierarchy.

My Setup Products has a filtering mechanism to help highlight important details during Call Detail selection. Favorites are indicated by a yellow star icon, which can be selected or deselected in the edit mode of My Setup. Detail Topics and Products marked as Favorites are given display priority on the Call Report.

In addition to each assigned product, users can define details immediately available for call detailing. Details not defined as Favorites are available through a secondary search dialog.