Grouping Products to Support Indication-, Molecule-, and Species-Based Sales Orgs

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As mentioned in Detail Groups and Detail Topics, Veeva CRM provides a mechanism to group (and therefore differentiate) the same product across different data levels. There are numerous cases where this type of grouping is essential for marketing and educational activities that sales reps perform. For example, it is very common that a single product has multiple approved indications to treat completely different diseases. When a pharmaceutical sales representative who is promoting a product conducts a call with an HCP, the Key Messages, discussion topics, product tactics and metrics delivered can be very different depending on that HCP's specialty. Therefore, the grouping based on indication (or specialty) is key in allowing for the required differentiation.

Another example is the Animal Health segment of the Life Sciences Industry. Animal Health reps can be more of a service partner to their targeted accounts, as opposed to a standard sales representative, common for Primary Care in Human Health. The Animal Health rep may need to spend several days on a visit to a single farm, as opposed to the multiple, often extremely short visits Human Health counterparts perform on a daily basis. The Animal Health rep is also more specialized and can offer a wide range of services down to veterinary support. Activities differ per species, even when discussing the same product, for example, Cattle vs Swine, or Livestock vs Companion Animals. It may also be the case the product samples or Key Messages differ within the same species, such as Cattle Dairy vs Cattle Beef. As is illustrated below, Animal Health can cover a set of species where reps, Accounts, and Products can each cover multiple species.

Without species-based groupings, the Animal Health job would be far more difficult to do.

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