CRM Desktop (Mac) Known Issues

Platform Issue Description Issue Number

CRM Desktop (Mac)

Some labels in the app are not translated from US English.




CRM Desktop (Mac)

Signing in and out of the app while in fullscreen does not display as expected. The signin screen displays a black border and when the user signs in again, the media library window displays off-center in fullscreen. Users must exit full screen to view the window.



CRM Desktop (Mac)

Some UI components do not display correctly in Dark Mode.


CRM Desktop (Mac)

The total count of media files downloading increases when downloading multiple presentations at once as the app detects more media files to be downloaded.


CRM Desktop (Mac)

When the About Veeva CRM Desktop option is selected from the taskbar icon menu while the app is not in focus, the About Veeva CRM Desktop window does not display in the foreground. Users must select the app icon in the dock to display the window in the foreground.


CRM Desktop (Mac)

When an update to the Veeva CRM Desktop menu occurs while the menu is open, an additional divider line appears. Users must close and reopen the menu to correct the UI.



CRM Desktop (Mac)

For very large media libraries containing more than 150,000 slides, there may be a delay when the following actions occur:

  • Initial sync
  • Applying updates
  • Downloading all media
  • Sorting the library columns





CRM Desktop (Mac)

When a Required Update Alert displays, the Veeva CRM Desktop menu items can be selected.


CRM Desktop (Mac)

When launching a presentation in Presentation View while the library window is fullscreen, the presentation is not in focus. Users must use the three-finger swipe to navigate to the presentation.


CRM Desktop (Mac)

The Open button remains available when no presentation is selected.


CRM Desktop (Mac)

Disabled zoom functionality for HTML slide key messages is ignored.


CRM Desktop (Mac)

Last_Device_vod is not stamped on Call2_vod records.


CRM Desktop (Mac)

When a CLM tester user tries to use goToSlide or goToSlideV2 to navigate to a presentation that is not downloaded, the error message displayed does not include the presentation name.


CRM Desktop (Mac)

The call mode banner is hidden when a presentation is in Presentation View on a different monitor.


CRM Desktop (Mac)

When there is a sync error when ending call mode, call details may be updated multiple times. The previous Call Detail Type may be overwritten when a user starts call mode and displays content, setting it to E Detail. When the user has a sync error and starts call mode again without displaying any content, the Call Detail Type is overwritten.


CRM Desktop (Mac)

On MacOS Monterey, the red, yellow, and green window buttons intermittently overlap the top slide thumbnail in Normal View.


CRM Desktop (Mac)

When a video slide is displayed in Presentation View and a call is initiated where the presentation is not available for the call, the video continues to play.


CRM Desktop (Mac)

Search queries are not reset when signing out and signing back into the app.


CRM Desktop (Mac)

When a user selects the red X button to close the library window while a presentation window is open, both windows close. Users can reopen the library from the dock app icon.


CRM Desktop (Mac)

Virtual backgrounds do not load.


CRM Desktop (Mac)

When viewing the Participants in an Engage meeting, there is no Mute button.


CRM Desktop (Mac)

Using Force Quit to exit the Veeva CRM Desktop app does not end an Engage meeting.


CRM Desktop (Mac)

After selecting Share in the Engage window, selecting the default selected window thumbnail deselects the thumbnail and disables the Share button.


CRM Desktop (Mac)

When sharing video content during an Engage meeting, the video continues playing on the meeting host’s device after the host selects Stop Share.


CRM Desktop (Mac)

When users lose internet connection during an Engage meeting, the Connection Lost alert does not display.


CRM Desktop (Mac)

The labels on the Engage window and Share Screen window are not translated.


CRM Desktop (Mac)

When meeting hosts select Share in the Engage window but do not have any open windows to share, the Share Screen window does not display the No Presentations Available message.


CRM Desktop (Mac)

Starting an Engage meeting takes several seconds to initiate call mode and start the meeting.


CRM Desktop (Mac)

After removing and then granting Camera and Microphone permissions for the Veeva CRM Desktop app, meeting hosts are unable to enable audio and video for Engage.