Viewing Compass Data Using MyInsights

  • Browser (Lightning)
  • iPad
  • iPhone

Content creators can use MyInsights Studio to create a MyInsights page that embeds Compass patient data and aggregated prescription data at the HCP and product levels. For example, content creators can create a MyInsights page that displays total HCP prescriptions at the product level.

An OOTB Compass template is available for customers to start with, which helps users answer some of the most common sales questions:

  • Are my products doing well in my territory?
  • Which competitors are a threat in my territory?
  • Which prescribers are performing well and should be maintained?
  • Which prescribers do I need to take action on?

Enabling the Use of Compass Data with MyInsights

To integrate Compass data with CRM:

  1. Ensure each account for which you want to see data has a value in the VeevaID_vod or NPI_vod field on the Account object.
  2. Load Analytics Product Groups to define the market and product in CRM.
  3. Ensure the CRM Data Engine Administration Console tab is visible.
  4. Select the CRM Data Engine Administration Console tab.
  5. Select Edit.
  6. Enter the credentials for the integration user account. Compass credentials require the Compass API access permission. See the Compass Release Notes for more information.
  7. Select Save.
  8. Activate Compass data integration for the org.
  9. Log into the Compass Portal.
  10. Define the query job.

To create a MyInsights page using Compass data:

  1. Ensure MyInsights is configured for end users.

  2. Grant content creators access to the MyInsightsTerritoryController Apex class.

  3. Ensure the appropriate user profiles have deployment permissions.

  4. Submit a support ticket requesting a CRM org connection setting. The ticket must include the CRM org ID.
  5. Download the MyInsights Studio Compass page template.
  6. Log into MyInsights Studio.
  7. Import the MyInsights Studio Compass page template into MyInsights Studio.

  8. Create a page using the page template. Content creators can use the page template as is to create a new page, or update the page as needed.
  9. Deploy or publish the page.

Alternatively, content creators can create and deploy a custom MyInsights page that uses the queryDataEngine method and the getAlignedTerritories function. See the Veeva Javascript Library for more information.

Using the MyInsights Page Template to View Compass Data

Offline devices require an internet connection to display data.

The Market Trend content displays the status of company and competitor products within a specified territory.

Before any customization, users can view information in the following sections:

  • Territory - Aligned territories for the user
  • Market - Displays market list based on Analytics Market object
  • Data Type - Select between Total prescriptions and New to Brand prescriptions
  • Prescription Trends - Displays twelve months’ prescription trend by products in the selected market
  • Month Over Month Prescriptions - Displays monthly prescription growth for products in the selected market
  • Product - Select from available products based on the Analytics Product Group object in the selected market to display top growth and top declining prescribers
  • Top Growth Prescribers - Displays top ten growth prescribers for the selected product
  • Top Declining Prescribers - Displays top ten declining prescribers for the selected product

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