Managing MyInsights Pages

Users can edit the content properties for a specific page or archive pages to clear the home page of outdated or unused pages.

Editing Content Properties

To edit the content properties for a MyInsights page:

  1. Navigate to the edit page.
  2. Select the Properties tab.
  3. Update the Content Name field or any test records specific to the selected content type. The Content Type field cannot be edited.

Archiving MyInsights Pages

Veeva recommends removing all deployed instances of a MyInsights page before archiving it. If a user archives a page without removing the deployed instances, the user must manually delete the HTML_Report_vod record in their org.

To archive a page from the home page:

  1. Select Actions for the appropriate content.
  2. Select Archive.
  3. Select OK in the confirmation modal.

Users can recover archived content by submitting a support ticket.