Smart Linking in MyInsights

  • Browser (Classic, Lightning)
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Windows Tablet

Smart linking allows users to navigate and perform tasks in CRM directly from MyInsights. This allows users to take action based on the information in MyInsights content without navigating away, maintaining the same CRM functionalities.

Smart linking cannot be used from the Order or Inventory Monitoring entry points.

For example, Sarah Jones wants to view previous interaction with accounts in her territory. She accesses the MyInsights territory visualization.

To view all the activity-related data for Clinton Ackerman, Sarah selects his name and displays his profile in the default account view. When she is finished, Sarah selects the back arrow to return to the visualization.

To implement smart linking, content developers must use the MyInsights JavaScript Library.

Users must be appropriately configured to perform tasks from MyInsights. For example, Sarah Jones needs all the necessary Medical Inquiry permissions to create and view a medical inquiry with smart linking.

Supported tasks from MyInsights content include the following:

Smart Linking for Approved Email, CLM, and Suggestions

Smart Linking is also available for tasks in Approved Email, CLM, and Suggestions. These tasks involve actions related to more than one object. Ensure users have the necessary permissions for all objects.

Approved Email

Admins must grant users access to the MyInsights_vod record type on the Sent_Email_vod object to perform the following tasks from MyInsights:

  • Create an email
  • View the HTML of sent emails
  • Predefine the email template and fragments for new emails
  • Navigate directly to the record detail when viewing the HTML of a sent email


Users can launch the CLM media library for a specific HCP or launch a specific presentation from MyInsights.


All suggestion actions including Dismiss, Mark as Complete, and Execute can be performed directly from MyInsights.

Suggestions ins MyInsights are not supported on the iPhone platform.