Sharing MyInsights Content

  • iPad
  • iPhone

Users can share MyInsights content using iOS share actions. This allows users to share information from customized content with people who do not have access to Veeva CRM. Users can share any content available on their devices, including order and inventory monitoring content on iPad devices. MyInsights content is shared as PDFs. Additionally, users on devices with iOS13 or later can take full page PDF screenshots.

For example, Sarah Jones wants to share information about HCPs in her territory with a company executive who does not have access to Veeva CRM. She navigates to her territory visualization, presses and holds the visualization tab to preview the PDF, then selects the Share button to email the PDF to the executive.

When developing MyInsights content intended to be exported and shared outside of CRM, content creators must test the content before publishing to ensure it is print-ready and displays correctly as a PDF. Some CSS properties can cause content to display incorrectly, for example, using specific pixel widths instead of percentage widths or using the CSS transformation rotate. Additionally, ensure all CSS media queries include the print media type. Testing is not required before taking full page screenshots.

Sharing MyInsights Content Using Press-and-Hold

After navigating to a MyInsights tab, the Shareable button displays in the bottom right corner to inform users it can be shared. Users can select the Shareable button to view the onboarding animation, which demonstrates how to share MyInsights content.

To share MyInsights content:

  1. Press and hold the MyInsights tab for at least 1.5 seconds, then release it to view the PDF preview of the content.

  2. Select Share to view the available iOS share actions.
  3. Select the appropriate share action, for example, sharing the PDF via email or printing it.

Additionally, users on iPad can share orders and inventory monitoring content by pressing and holding the Report tab.

Sharing MyInsights Content Using Full Page Screenshots

After taking a screenshot and opening it in the image editor, users on devices with iOS13 or later can select the Full Page button to preview the full page screenshot. Select the Share button in the top right corner to view the available iOS share actions.

The method used to take a screenshot on iPad and iPhone devices varies by device. See Apple’s documentation for taking iPhone screenshots and iPad screenshots.