Requesting Location via MyInsights

  • Browser
  • iPad
  • iPhone

To plan activities more effectively, MyInsights developers can create content so users can view the location of their devices and compare it to the location of their accounts.

For example, Sarah Jones wants to plan her activities for the day. She views a MyInsights page which displays her current location and a list of the accounts closest to her. It also displays the distance between each account and her location, allowing her to sort the accounts by distance and plan an efficient route for her day.

Viewing MyInsights Content with Location Requests

Developers can use the MyInsights JavaScript Library to create or modify MyInsights content.

To view MyInsights content requesting the device’s current location:

  1. Enable location services on the device.
  2. Ensure the device has internet connection.
  3. After launching Veeva CRM and navigating to the MyInsights content for the first time, select Yes when a popup displays with a request for Veeva CRM to access the current location.

If users move locations, they can refresh the content to view their updated location by navigating away from and back to the MyInsights tab.