Integrating External Data with MyInsights

  • Browser (Classic, Lightning)
  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Windows Tablet

MyInsights developers can create advanced MyInsights content to directly access external applications. This allows users to view data from Veeva CRM and external sources combined without navigating away from the Veeva CRM app and requiring independent authentication to the external source.

For example, Verteo BioPharma wants their users to view data from Veeva CRM and Veeva Link in a single visualization. The content developer creates an account summary visualization integrated with account data from Veeva Link. Sarah Jones navigates to the account summary visualization for Dr. Clinton Ackerman containing data from CRM and Veeva Link, providing a comprehensive view of the account.

Configuring MyInsights Integration with External Applications

Depending on the customer’s IDP and authentication strategy, admins must ensure the IDP is appropriately configured to allow Salesforce to authenticate to the external application via the IDP and retrieve data.

Integrating External Data Using JavaScript

MyInsights developers can call the getSFDCSessionID method to retrieve a valid Salesforce session ID, which can be passed through a customer-defined authentication process for the external application. Developers can use the request method to access data from the specified external application directly from MyInsights. If the external application supports OAuth, developers can use the getSFDCSessionID method to retrieve a valid OAuth access token instead of a Salesforce session ID. See the MyInsights JavaScript Library for more information.

Admins can view information about Salesforce session ID requests in the Activity Log to ensure only the appropriate MyInsights content are using the IDs.