Inline Editing for MyInsights Content

  • Browser
  • iPad
  • iPhone

MyInsights developers can create advanced MyInsights content with inline editing to save selected filter values or custom data without navigating away from MyInsights. Customers can capture and analyze user activity in MyInsights to improve future content.

For example, Sarah Jones reviews a pre-call planning MyInsights page. She sets the product filter to Cholecap and the preferred time range filter to Last Week. The filter values are immediately saved. The next time she navigates to the page, the view is already filtered by the saved values.

Veeva does not recommend using this feature with Veeva objects.

The following functions are not supported for the call report:

  • createRecord(configObject)
  • updateRecord(configObject)

MyInsights content does not support using browser APIs for storage, for example, Web Storage and IndexedDB. Instead, developers can save data to MyInsights_Data_vod records.

Configuring Data Storage for MyInsights

To configure MyInsights data storage:

  1. Grant end users CRU access to each object for which to create and update records.
  2. Grant end users FLS Edit permission to each field on an object for which to save data.

    To create MyInsights_Data_vod records, grant end users CRU access to the object and FLS Edit permission to the HTML_Report_vod and Mobile_Id_vod fields.

  3. Enable a Full Sync VMOC for each object for the appropriate platforms.

Inline Editing in MyInsights Content

Content developers can call the createRecord and updateRecord functions in MyInsights content to allow end users to manage records for any objects and fields of the supported data types, including custom ones. See the MyInsights JavaScript Library for more information.

To create and save data when end users view MyInsights content, admins must grant end users FLS Edit permission to all fields on an object used in the content that can be edited inline.

To use a custom object, ensure the object has a Mobile_ID_vod field with the Text(100) (Unique Case Insensitive) data type.

Admins can create a MyInsights_Modified_By_vod field on any object used in MyInsights content. This field must be a lookup field to the User object. Every time an end user edits the content inline, the MyInsights_Modified_By_vod field is automatically populated with the user. Admins can use this field to troubleshoot errors.

Do not create custom vod fields. The Mobile_ID_vod and MyInsights_Modified_By_vod fields are exceptions. See Administrative Do’s and Don’ts for more information.

Fields of the following data types can be created and updated directly from MyInsights:

  • Lookup
  • Check box
  • Date
  • Datetime
  • Phone
  • Email
  • Number
  • Text
  • Text Area
  • Text Area Long
  • Master-detail relationship

    Admins should not create master-detail relationship fields on the MyInsights_Data_vod object.

  • Picklist
  • Multi-select picklist

The following fields cannot be created or updated on records for any object:

  • Last_Device_vod
  • Mobile_Created_Datetime_vod
  • Mobile_Last_Modified_Datetime_vod
  • MyInsights_Modified_By_vod
  • OwnerId
  • To use the MyInsights_Data_vod object to store data from MyInsights, admins must create custom fields for MyInsights_Data_vod, for example, a field to save the amount of time a user spends viewing MyInsights content, and grant end users FLS edit permission to each field.

    Veeva does not recommend using this functionality for objects integrated with Veeva business logic. Additionally, Veeva does not recommend using triggers, process building, workflow rules, batch processes, or any other form of post- or asynchronous processing on the MyInsights_Data_vod object.