Displaying the WeChat Avatar and Nickname in Account Views

Users can view the WeChat information for HCPs, including the avatar and nickname, in account views. Additionally, if an account completes the binding process successfully, the HCP’s WeChat avatar replaces the default HCP icon in account lists.

An HCP’s WeChat nickname displays after the account’s CRM name. For example, if Dr. Clinton Ackerman’s WeChat nickname is “Skywalker,” the name of the account displays Clinton Ackerman@Skywalker. The WeChat nickname displays in green.

Users can filter account views to quickly determine which HCPs completed the binding process. The following filter options are available:

  • All – Displays all accounts available to the user
  • Bound – Displays only accounts that completed the WeChat binding process
  • Unbound – Displays only account that did not complete the WeChat binding process

Configuring the WeChat Avatar and Nickname in Account Views

To enable WeChat information for account views, populate the ENABLE_WECINFO_MYACCOUNT_vod WeChat Setting with a value of 1. The default value is 0.