Using Coaching Reports in WeChat CRM

Coaching reports allow customers to create targeted forms for coaching and mentoring between managers and sales representatives. Completion of a coaching report form can be addressed after a ride-along is complete to provide an evaluation and to offer constructive feedback. Ooaching reports are printable from online using Salesforce’s standard Printable View link on the top right side of the page.

To share reports between managers and sales representatives, when creating the coaching report record, the owner of the record is switched to the employee being reviewed (this is done via a delivered trigger). As the employee, the owner of the record has read-only privileges, so the employee can view but not edit reports completed by the manager. Managers can edit reports they created because they are above employees in the Role Hierarchy.

See Coaching Reports (Standard) for more information.

Configuring Coaching Reports

The Read and Edit privileges are controlled by standard Salesforce CRUD access based on the user’s profile. In order to ensure that this sharing model functions correctly, customers must maintain an accurate Role Hierarchy and ensure the Grant Access Using Hierarchies check box is selected in the Organization-wide Sharing Defaults for the Coaching_Report_vod object.

  1. Grant the following permissions:



    Manager User Profile




    Coaching Reports display as a top level menu item in WeChat CRM if end users have OLS Read access to the Coaching_Report_vod object.

  2. Populate the COACHING_TEAM_SCOPE WeChat Setting with the appropriate value:
    • If the setting = 0, data for all active users can be searched
    • If the setting = 1, only date for limited active users can be searched (manager_ID = current user)