Engage Meeting License Management

The Engage Meeting license management process will be updated in the 21R3.3 release in March 2022. These behavior changes will enable admins to control user assignment to Engage Groups via the User object. This will enable user assignment to be controlled via data-loading, improving user management in organizations as well as ensuring newly licensed users have immediate access to Engage Meeting.

What is being updated in 21R3.3?

New Behavior in the Engage Meeting Administration Tab

Certain functionality within the Engage Meeting Administration tab will be updated to accommodate Engage Group membership being controlled from the User object.

Admins will still be able to create new Engage Groups via the existing process on the Engage Meeting Administration tab. However, admins will no longer be able to rename created Engage Groups.

The existing Add/Remove and Bulk User Update functionality will be removed due to membership now being controlled from the User object. Admins will still be able to use the Add/Remove page to view group membership.

Finally, a new report will enable admins to check for Group Membership discrepancies between the Engage Server and the User object. Admins will be able to manually sync with the Engage Server to resolve any discrepancies.

New Fields on the User Object

Three new fields will be added to the User object that will control Engage Group assignment:

  • Engage_Group_Request_vod – Enables admins to issue a request to the Engage Server to add or remove the user from a group. User assignment can be managed in bulk by data-loading values into this field for the appropriate User records.
  • Engage_Group_Provisioning_Status_vod – Displays the status of the request made in the Engage_Group_Request_vod field
  • Engage_Group_vod – Displays which Engage Group the user belongs to. In the 21R3.3 release, a one-time process will automatically populate this field for existing users already assigned to an Engage Group.

For example, Sarah Jones currently belongs to an Engage Group named iPad Hosts. With the 21R3.3 release, the Engage_Group_vod field on Sarah’s User record automatically populates with iPad Hosts.

Additionally, this update will deprecate the Remote_Meeting_Start_From_CRM_Online_vod field on the User object. This field served as an indicator that the user was configured to host Engage Meetings online. Groups with the Remote Meeting Start from CRM Online Group Meeting Permission enabled will still be able to host Engage Meetings from the Browser (Classic) platform.

If a User record is marked as inactive while belonging to an Engage Group, the user will remain a licensed member of that group. The admin must clear the Engage Group field to remove the user from the group.