Engage Meeting Bulk License Management

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Engage Meeting admins can assign users licenses and meeting groups in bulk using a CSV file, simplifying the process of provisioning licenses to users.

For example, the Engage Meeting administrator needs to assign one hundred users to various Engage Meeting groups. The admin uploads a CSV file listing all users as well as the group assignment.

Creating the CSV File

Admins need to create a CSV file with the following columns:

  • User.ID – The 18-digit SFDC ID of the user
  • Group Name – The name of the meeting group to assign the user. All referenced groups must already be created.
  • Operation – Can be ADD or REMOVE. This adds or removes the user to the specified group.
  • The upload file should not contain header rows

The CSV file must be UTF-8 encoded.

Assigning Engage Meeting Licenses in Bulk

After creating the CSV file, admins can upload the file for processing:

  1. Navigate to the Engage Meetings Administration tab.
  2. Navigate to the Groups section.
  3. Select the Bulk User Update button.
  4. Select the created CSV file.

The Bulk User Update job processes approximately 1,200 rows per hour. A confirmation email is sent to the user running the Bulk User Update when the job is complete.

Do not log out of CRM until the email is received or else the process will stop and remaining users will not be added. Ensure your session setting is long enough that you are not automatically logged out before the job is complete.

Wait for the job to complete before uploading another file. Multiple files uploaded by one or more Engage Meeting admins in the org can cause errors.