Configuring Digital Business Cards

The Engage digital business card is a simplified profile for CRM users, making it easy and convenient for HCPs to access a user’s contact information on their devices. HCPs are automatically connected to CRM users after every Engage meeting and can view a user’s digital business card immediately after signing up for Engage.

An Engage Connect profile is automatically created for each user when the user syncs their device for the first time after digital business cards are configured. Each profile is populated with the First Name, Last Name, Email, Title, Phone, User Type, and Country.

With a CRM user’s digital business card, HCPs can contact the user via email or phone. CRM users can update their profiles with more information from the Me tab in Engage Connect.

Configuring Digital Business Cards

To enable the Engage Connect Administration tab for the appropriate admin users:

  1. Navigate to Setup > User Interface > Tabs.
  2. Create a custom Visualforce page tab for the Engage_Connect_Admin_vod Visualforce page.
  3. Navigate to Setup > Users > Profiles.
  4. Select the appropriate admin user profile.
  5. Select Edit in the Enabled Visualforce Page Access section.
  6. Add Engage_Connect_Admin_vod to the Enabled Visualforce Pages list.
  7. Select Save.
  8. Select Edit.
  9. Select Default On for the Engage Connect Administration custom tab.
  10. Select Save.

To enable digital business cards:

  1. Ensure users have FLS Read permission to the following fields on the User object:
    • Country_Code_vod
    • Email
    • MobilePhone
    • Name (FirstName, LastName)
    • Title
    • User_Type_vod
  2. Navigate to the Engage Connect Administration tab.
  3. Populate the User Profile Company Name field. Optionally, populate the Primary Color and Secondary Color fields using the appropriate hexadecimal color codes without the # sign, for example, 000000 or ffffff.
  4. Select Save.

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