Engage Connect in Veeva CRM

  • Android
  • iPad
  • iPhone

Engage Connect is a licensed mobile application used by end users to enable virtual connections and communication with HCPs, including the following functionality:

  • Connect end users with HCPs
  • One or two way messaging via email or chat
  • Share approved content
  • Request samples and materials
  • View upcoming Engage Meetings
  • Join Engage Meetings

This functionality can be controlled at an org-wide level, or by grouping users together. Functionality between the end user and the HCP is driven by the end user’s Engage Connect Group.

For example, Dr. Ackerman uses Engage Connect to communicate with two CRM users, Sarah Jones and Larry Lakes. Larry belongs to an Engage Connect group with the Rep Chat permission enabled, but Sarah belongs to a different group that does not have this permission. When Dr. Ackerman views both users, he sees that he can chat with Larry, but not with Sarah.

Configuring Engage Connect Groups

To configure this functionality:

  1. Grant admins FLS edit permission to the following fields on the User object:

    • Engage_Connect_Group_vod
    • Engage_Connect_Group_Status_vod
    • Engage_Connect_Group_Request_vod
  2. Grant admins access to the Engage_Connect_Admin_vod Visualforce page.
  3. Grant admins access to the Engage Connect Administration tab.
  4. Add the following fields to the appropriate User object page layout:

    • Engage_Connect_Group_vod
    • Engage_Connect_Group_Status_vod
    • Engage_Connect_Group_Request_vod

Creating Engage Connect Groups in CRM

Similar to Engage Meeting Groups, functionality within Engage Connect can be enabled or disabled for groups of users depending on the assigned group.

To create an Engage Connect group:

  1. Navigate to the Engage Connect Administration tab.
  2. Select Create New Group.
  3. Define the group name and all applicable Engage Group Permissions.
  4. Select the appropriate Brands for the group.

    Brands are configured within the Engage Connect application. With the initial release, customers must contact Veeva Support in order to add Brands.

  5. Select Save.
  6. Navigate to the appropriate User records.
  7. Populate the Engage_Connect_Group_Request_vod field with the name of the appropriate Engage Group. The Engage_Connect_Group_Status_vod field indicates the status of the request.

    An end user can only belong to one Engage Connect group.

Defining Org-Wide Default Permissions

Engage Connect group permissions have an org-wide default that applies to all licensed Engage users unless they are assigned to a specific Engage Connect group with an overriding value.

To set org-wide default:

  1. Navigate to the Organization Settings section of the Engage Connect Group Administration tab.
  2. Edit the appropriate Engage Connect Group Permissions.

  3. Select Save.

List of Engage Connect Group Permissions

Each created Engage Connect group has a defined set of permissions that determine what functionality is available to members of the group.

To enable permissions for an Engage Group:

  1. Navigate to the Engage Meeting Administration tab.
  2. Navigate to the Engage Connect Group section.
  3. Select the appropriate group.
  4. Define all of the appropriate permissions:

Permission Name


Primary Color

A hex value that determines the color of certain elements of the application for branding purposes.

Do not include the # character in the hex value.

Secondary Color

A hex value that determines the secondary color of certain elements of the application for branding purposes.

Do not include the # character in the hex value.

Profile Company Name

The company name that displays when HCPs view connections with end users in the group.

Communication Channel

Determines how end users and HCPs can communicate with one another in Engage Connect. Available values are:

  • Off – Communication between end users and HCPs is not permitted in the app. This is the default selection.
  • Ping – HCPs can send a message from the app to the connected end user that is delivered as an Engage Connect email
  • Chat – HCPs can communicate with end users via chatting in the app

    Chatting between end users in the same org is always enabled and is not controlled by this setting.

Display Future Meetings

Displays future meetings with other end users. Available values are:

  • Invited – Displays all upcoming Engage Meetings that have a corresponding Approved Email that was sent to the HCP. This is the default selection.
  • Invited or Ad hoc Meeting – Displays the same Engage Meetings as the Invited option, as well as any meetings created within one hour prior to the scheduled time
  • All – Displays all upcoming Engage Meetings corresponding with this HCP, regardless of whether an Approved Email was sent