Using Detail Groups on Consent Lines

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Products in the product catalog are often tied to detail groups. Customers cannot communicate information to an HCP about a product if it is tied to a detail group and the HCP grants consent only for the product. Including detail groups on consent lines for products allows users to capture consent for products with detail groups.

For example, Sarah Jones wants to capture Dr. Clinton Ackerman’s consent for Cholecap. Cholecap is tied to the detail group Oncology but Dr. Ackerman previously granted consent for Cholecap without its detail group. On the Consent Capture screen, Cholecap displays as a line under the Oncology detail group. Dr. Ackerman grants consent to Cholecap for Oncology.

Configuring Detail Groups on Consent Lines

  1. Grant the following permissions:
  2. Object


    Consent Admin

    End User


    • Detail_Group_vod
    • Detail_Group_Display_Name_vod



  3. Add the Detail_Group_vod and Detail_Group_Display_Name_vod fields to the Consent_Line_vod page layout for the Product_vod record type.

Capturing Consent for Products with Detail Groups

Ensure the Status_vod field on the Consent_Header_vod record related to the Consent_Line_vod record is not Active before making any changes.

Consent admins can populate the Detail_Group_vod lookup field on the Consent_Line_vod record with the appropriate detail group and enter a custom display name in the Detail_Group_Display_Name_vod field. The Consent_Line_vod record must have the Product_vod record type.

Set the Status_vod field on the related Consent_Header_vod record to one of the following:
  • Active – displays consent channels and lines on the Consent Capture screen and prevents further editing
  • Staged – hides the consent records from end users while allowing consent admins to review how the Consent Capture screen displays

When end users navigate to the Consent Capture screen, consent lines for products are organized by detail group. The detail groups display in alphabetical order. Consent lines without detail groups display under Common.