Sending Approved Email CoBrowse Invitations

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CoBrowse hosts can send CoBrowse invitations using Approved Email, ensuring invitations sent to participants of a CoBrowse session are approved and accurate while also simplifying the invitation process for the host.

CoBrowse invitations are not considered promotional and therefore, Email Threshold Warnings, Product Restrictions, and email consent are not applied.

Configuring Approved Email CoBrowse Invitations

To enable this feature:

  1. Enable Approved Email for CoBrowse hosts.
  2. Ensure CoBrowse_vod is not listed in the DISABLE_APPROVED_EMAIL_ENTRYPOINTS_vod Approved Email Custom Setting.

In Vault, ensure all email templates used for CoBrowse invitations have an email_template_type__v field of CoBrowse Invitation Template.

CoBrowse Invitation Templates are only available when sending an Approved Email as a CoBrowse invitation and do not display as available in any other Approved Email entry point.

Sending a CoBrowse Invitation Using Approved Email

A link displays below the header in CoBrowse. Selecting this link launches Approved Email and enables hosts to use an email template to send an invitation.