Using CoBrowse One-to-Many

CoBrowse One-to-Many enables a user to host virtual interactions with up to 20 attendees in a single session.

This feature is only supported Online. Customers using this feature should enable an offline validation rule to prevent users from adding Event Attendees while offline if a Medical Event has an associated CoBrowse presentation.


To enable this feature:

  1. Grant the user permission to the following Visualforce pages:
  • Manage_Attendees_vod
  • Medical_Event_Edit_vod
  • Medical_Event_View _vod
  1. Ensure the Medical_Event_Edit_vod Visualforce page overrides exist for the New and Edit buttons on the Medical Event object.
  2. Ensure the Medical_Event_View_vod Visualforce page overrides exist for the View button on the Medical Event object.
  3. Ensure the user has access to CoBrowse content.
  4. Add the zvod_Cobrowse_vod marker and the Cobrowse_Session_Status_vod field in the Scheduling section of the Medical Event page layout.
  5. Ensure that the Manage Attendees button is on the Medical Event page layout.
  6. Grant users FLS edit permission for the following fields:
  • Medical_Event_vod.Cobrowse_Presentation_vod
  • Medical_Event_vod.Cobrowse_MC_Session_vod
  • Medical_Event_vod.Cobrowse_MC_Activity_vod
  • Medical_Event_vod.Cobrowse_URL_Presenter_vod
  • Medical_Event_vod.Cobrowse_Session_Status_vod
  • Event_Attendee_vod.Cobrowse_URL_Participant_vod
  • Event_Attendee_vod.Cobrowse_MC_Activity_vod
  1. Grant users FLS read permission for the Medical_Event_vod.zvod_Cobrowse_vod field.
  2. Grant the integration user FLS edit permission for the following fields so tracking works correctly:
  • Multichannel_Activity_vod.Medical_Event_vod
  • Multichannel_Activity_vod.Event_Attendee_vod
  • Multichannel_Activity_Line_vod.Medical_Event_vod
  1. Create an Offline Validation rule to prevent adding event attendees from offline. (This step is optional.)


  • Users can create and edit a Medical Event with multiple attendees
  • Multichannel Content is filtered based on the My Setup product alignment for the user or attendee
  • The user must have My Setup access to all Multichannel Content Assets (where Status_vod = Approved) to present content. If the user does not have access to any included asset, the entire Presentation is hidden.
  • To schedule a CoBrowse session, users must select a start time, an end time, and the Multichannel Content they want to begin the presentation with
  • CoBrowse session details and CoBrowse links save to the Medical Event and Event Attendee records


1:M CoBrowse only supports adding and removing attendees via the Manage Attendees button/visual force page.  The Add Attendee and Add My Attendance buttons/pages are not supported.

As users add attendees, CoBrowse links are assigned to the attendees. However, attendees who are not Accounts (i.e., Contacts and Users) do not receive CoBrowse URLs.

Users can export a CSV file that contains attendees’ email addresses to use for invitations. Approved Email integration is not currently supported.

Finishing a CoBrowse Session

  • When a user finishes a CoBrowse session, they can "close out" the session by updating the Cobrowse_Session_Status_vod field = "Completed_vod"
  • When a Medical Event is completed:
  • The short links for the session expire and an error message displays if users attempt to access CoBrowse links
  • The Manage Attendees page will not allow users to add attendees
  • Users cannot edit the Cobrowse_Presentation_vod, Start_Date_vod, and End_Date_vod fields
  • Attendees who have Multichannel Activities recorded cannot be deleted

Viewing/Editing Medical Events with CoBrowse Completed

When a user views or edits a Medical Event for which the Cobrowse_Session_Status_vod field = Completed_vod OR if the CoBrowse session is considered completed based on the Start Date/Time and End Date/Time fields on the record, then:

  • The Visual Force section displays CoBrowse session details
  • A row displays for each Multichannel Activity Line recorded for the presenter
  • If the Cobrowse_MC_Activity_vod field is not populated, the Veeva Message Engage;;COBROWSE_ZVOD_NEVER_HAPPENED displays

Player Features

  • As attendees join the CoBrowse session, a notification displays announcing that "[attendee name] has arrived"
  • The attendee names display in the drop-down attendee section

    The number of attendees in the session displays in parenthesis next to the section header. For example, Attendees (13).

    Attendees display in alphabetical order with the presenter listed first. "(Me)" displays next to the participant's name.

    If chat is enabled, the chat is public

    A Change Presentation feature is available