Cloning Presentations

Admins can clone CLM presentation records and their associated slides within the same org. This allows new presentations with similar structures (number and order of slides) to existing presentations to be created quickly.

Configuring the Clone Button

To allow admins to clone presentations:

  1. Grant admins access to the Clone_Presentation_vod Visualforce page.
  2. Add the Clone_Presentation_vod button to the CLM_Presentation_vod object page layout. Veeva recommends removing the standard Clone button from the layout to avoid confusion.

Cloning Presentations

Selecting the Clone button creates an exact copy of the presentation and all its associated CLM_Presentation_Slide_vod records. Admins can choose to also clone the related Key_Message_vod records or link to existing records. The content file for a cloned Key_Message_vod record is not copied.

Any sub-presentations associated with a slide are automatically referenced in the cloned presentation. If the sub-presentation is no longer required or a different sub-presentation is required in the cloned presentation, admins must manually update the Sub_Presentation_vod field for the cloned CLM_Presentation_Slide_vod record.