Verifying CLM Configuration

Admins can verify the CLM configuration by creating sample presentation records and ensuring the content displays on offline devices. To verify the configuration:

  1. Create a Key_Message_vod record, specify a Key Message name and product, and select save.
  2. Upload the sample file, or any other sample zip file (then download the file to verify the upload was successful).
  3. Create a CLM_Presentation_vod record, specify a name and presentation ID, and select save.
  4. Create a CLM_Presentation_Slide_vod record, specify the presentation name and Key Message name, and select save.
  5. Confirm the user has My Setup Products entries for the product referenced in the Key_Message_vod record, and has visibility to at least one account online, but not all of them (like an admin can).

On the offline device:

  1. Sign in as the user.
  2. Sync.
  3. View an account.
  4. Record a call.
  5. Select the media button.
  6. View the previously created presentation.
  7. Return to the call report.
  8. Record a reaction to the slide.
  9. Select Submit.
  10. Sync.

Online, verify the call report correctly displays the slides visited.