Stamping Media Type and Publishing Method for CLM Content

  • CRM Desktop (Mac, Windows)
  • iPad
  • iPhone

Admins can report on the following fields, allowing customers to analyze HCP engagement with content:

  • Media_Type_vod on the Key_Message_vod object
  • Publishing_Method_vod on the CLM_Presentation_vod object

When users navigate to the media library, the Key_Message_vod records for each presentation are appropriately stamped with one of the following Media_Type_vod values:

  • HTML_vod
  • Video_vod
  • Image_vod
  • PDF_vod
  • PowerPoint_vod
  • Website_vod

Media_Type_vod is not stamped on shared resources. Additionally, it is not supported on CRM Desktop (Mac).

When a CLM_Presentation_vod record is updated, the Publishing_Method_vod field is stamped to indicate how the presentation was created:

  • Vault_Published_vod - Binders and Slides, Create Presentation
  • Vault_Auto_Published_vod - Auto-publishing for CLM in Vault
  • CRM_Published_vod - Uploaded via FTP