Integrating Approved Email with CLM

  • iPad

Content creators can reference pre-defined Approved Email templates and fragments that are portable across production environments to allow users to send specific emails and content from a CLM slide to HCPs in attendance.

Content creators can use the following functions to interact with Approved Email from CLM content:

  • getApprovedDocument
  • launchApprovedEmail

    When using the queryRecord function to query Approved Document records for the launchApprovedEmail function, if an incorrect Vault Id is passed into the function, records are not returned. To avoid passing in null values to the launchApprovedEmail function, which causes CLM content to display incorrectly, content creators should include an error message to identify the issue.

See the CLM JavaScript library for more information about using these functions.

Launching Approved Email from CLM on Veeva CRM on Desktop

  • CRM Desktop (Mac, Windows)

The launchApprovedEmail function is supported on the CRM Desktop platforms. During a call, including Engage calls, when users take action on CLM content calling the launchApprovedEmail JavaScript function, the Send Email screen displays in Lightning on the device’s default browser. The following are already selected:

  • Appropriate and valid email templates and fragments
  • Attendee accounts as recipients

Using launchApprovedEmail to send emails from CLM is only supported on Lightning.

When users launch Approved Email from CLM content outside of a call, for example, from the Veeva CRM on Desktop, accounts are not selected. To allow users to add accounts as recipients, admins must set the ADD_RECIPIENTS_vod Approved Email Setting to 1.

The getApprovedDocument function is not available in Veeva CRM on Desktop. Content creators can use queryRecord to reference Approved Email templates and fragments.