Managing Field Mappings Between Vault and CRM

To match the appropriate record references between Vault and CRM, the external IDs must be specified for both Vault and CRM records. For example, if Surveys are used in CLM, the external IDs for Vault Surveys (Survey__v) and Veeva CRM Surveys (Survey_vod) must match. All other Survey information is managed in CRM (i.e. Questions). If Directories are used for CLM, the external IDs for Vault Directories (Directory__v) and Veeva CRM Directories (Directory_vod) must match.

Setting Up Product Records for Mapping

To match the appropriate Product references from Vault to the Product records in Veeva CRM, the external IDs must be specified for both Vault Products (Product_v) and Veeva CRM Products (Product_vod). These Products include detail products and detail topics.

In CRM, Products are Product_vod records. In Vault, Products are Product_v records and Countries are Country_v records.

Product External IDs can be set up in two ways:

  • Scenario 1: Country is used
  • In Vault, External IDs need to be setup for Product and Country (i.e. Cholecap External ID = 1001 and France External ID = FR)
  • In CRM the Product Veeva External ID needs to be: Cholecap Veeva External ID = 1001::FR
  • Scenario 2: Country is not used
  • In Vault, External IDs need to be setup for Product (i.e. Cholecap External ID = 1001)
  • In CRM, the Product Veeva External ID needs to be Cholecap Veeva External ID = 1001

See Syncing Metadata Between Vault and CRM for more information.

Setting Up Detail Groups for Mapping

If Detail Groups are used in Veeva CRM, Detail Groups must be enabled in Vault.

Detail Groups are disabled by default in Vault.

To enable Detail Groups in Vault, add the Detail Group picklist to the Slide Document Type:

  1. Navigate to the Document Properties: Admin > Configuration > Document Fields.
  2. Select Slide.
  3. Select Add.
  4. Select Existing Shared Property.
  5. Select Detail Group.
  6. Navigate to Admin > Configuration > Field Layout > Property Layout.
  7. Select Product Information from the list.
  8. Select Edit and order so Detail Group is first, Product is second.

To define Detail Groups in Vault:

  1. Populate the Detail Group values in Vault: Admin > Configuration > Picklists > Detail Group.
  2. Select Edit to add new Detail Groups. Do not delete the Common entry. This is required to map to the default Common group delivered in Veeva CRM.
    • The key of the picklist value in Vault must be populated in the VExternal_Id_vod field on the Detail Group Product record. For example, the picklist value Neurology in Vault creates the picklist key neurology__c. This key should be entered in the VExternal_Id_vod field for the Neurology Detail Group record in CRM.

Customizing Field Mappings

Users can map Vault VOF (Vault Object Framework) records and fields to CRM fields using the CLM-Vault Integration. An example is if you need to map a Country VOF lookup on a CLM document in Vault to a custom text field on CLM records in CRM.

When integration administrators open the Field Mapping page, a new Edit Mapping button displays. Selecting the button opens the Field Mapping in edit mode. In edit mode, mappings can be updated by making a selection from the Vault API Name drop-down, then select Save Mapping. You need to review and save eligible mappings to ensure they are correct.

Select the desired Vault API Name that you want to map to the CRM field. By default, the integration maps fields between CRM and Vault that have matching case insensitive API names (i.e. franchise__c and Franchise__c). Select do not map if the API names match between the Vault and CRM fields but you do not want values from the Vault field to be pulled into CRM. Do not map should be used when a mapping is no longer relevant to the integration but the fields are still accessible in Vault and CRM. Select the blank entry if you do not want to make any other selection.

Handling Errors

There is the potential for incomplete data because of mismatched field lengths or ability to select multiple VOFs in Vault. If the CRM field character length is less than the Vault character length, and/or if Allow user to select multiple values is true on the VOF, then a warning icon displays next to the Vault Field Type.

The warning indicates a potential for truncation if the Vault field length exceeds the CRM field length. For example, if a Vault field supports up to 25 characters and is mapped to a CRM field that supports only 20 characters, the warning icon displays. If the Vault field contains a 25-character value, only the first 20 characters are inserted into the CRM field when the integration runs.

In CRM, the CDN_Path_vod field on the Key_Message_vod object is limited to 255 characters. If the CDN file path for a key message containing a long file name exceeds 255 characters, the file path is truncated when the content is synced from Vault, which causes errors when presenting content.

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