Components of CLM

Systems in CLM

CLM involves communication between the following systems.

Veeva CRM

End users of CLM display CLM content in Veeva CRM on offline devices to accounts. Key message information, duration of viewing, and additional customer-defined clickstreams are tracked to provide valuable statistics so marketers can gain insight into their targets and the content can be continuously improved for maximum effectiveness.

Additionally, admins can create and manage CLM content in Veeva CRM online.

Veeva Vault

Veeva Vault is a cloud based Content Management System enabling content admins to produce and manage various regulated documents, from development through marketing. For CLM, Vault provides the following:

  • Content creation and storage system
  • Content approval process
  • Auto-packaging non-HTML content

CLM Content Components

CLM content is divided into the following components:

Key Messages (Key_Message_vod)

Key messages contain the media and content of a presentation. Each key message represents a slide in a CLM presentation. The Vault equivalent of a key message is a multichannel slide.

CLM Presentation Slides (CLM_Presentation_Slide_vod)

CLM presentation slides are references to key messages, allowing key messages to be shared between multiple presentations.

CLM Presentations (CLM_Presentation_vod)

CLM presentations contain and define the order of presentation slides. The Vault equivalent of a CLM presentation is a multichannel presentation type binder.