Retiring Expired Presentations

  • iPad

Expired presentations can be removed from use without requiring users to sync their devices. This helps to reduce the number of presentations from a user’s media library, making it easier to find presentations they need.

For example, one of Verteo BioPharma’s company presentations about Cholecap is out of date. To prevent users from using the presentation, an admin sets the presentation’s end date to the previous day. The presentation no longer displays in the media libraries of Verteo BioPharma’s reps.

Configuring Retiring Expired Presentations

To configure retiring presentations:

  1. Grant the following permissions to the Start_Date_vod and End_Date_vod fields on the CLM_Presentation_vod object:
    • Admin - FLS Edit
    • End user - FLS Read
  2. Populate the Start_Date_vod and End_Date_vod fields on the appropriate CLM_Presentation_vod records.

Retiring Expired Presentations

When the Start_Date_vod and End_Date_vod fields on CLM_Presentation_vod object records are populated, users are only able to view presentations in the CLM media player and from Calls if the current date is between the Start_Date_vod and the End_Date_vod (inclusive).

For training purposes, the Training tab displays Training presentations before the Start_Date_vod date, but does not display presentations after the End_Date_vod date.

The Start_Date_vod and End_Date_vod fields are suppressed for custom presentations. However, expired slides in custom presentations are removed once synced.

If a custom presentation includes an expired sub-presentation, the custom presentation is also expired. If the user created other custom presentations using Key Messages from the expired custom presentation, those custom presentations are still available if the Key Messages are active.

Veeva recommends reviewing presentations no longer active and to deactivate any Key Messages which are no longer in use.