Defining Swipe Sensitivity for Slide Navigation

  • iPad

Swipe sensitivity is the length of the gesture needed to swipe from one slide to the next. Admins can configure swipe sensitivity to allow users to smoothly and easily navigate through a CLM presentation.

For example, during a previous meeting, Sarah Jones displayed CLM content to Dr. Clinton Ackerman. When she navigated between slides, she swiped the screen multiple times because her swipes were too small. She asks her admin to configure the swipe sensitivity to the shortest length. In her next meeting with Dr. Bob Adams, Sarah smoothly navigates between slides.

Configuring Swipe Sensitivity

To define the swipe sensitivity:

  1. Navigate to Custom Settings > Multichannel Settings.
  2. Select Manage.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. Populate the SWIPE_SENSITIVITY_vod Multichannel Setting with one of the following values:
    • 0 = standard swipe (1/3 of the screen length)
    • 1 = 1/2 of the standard swipe
    • 2 = 1/4 of the standard swipe

    If SWIPE_SENSITIVITY_vod is set to any other value, Veeva CRM uses the standard swipe length.

  5. Select Save.

The SWIPE_SENSITIVITY_vod setting is disregarded if the current slide has swipe navigation disabled. See Disabling Touch Gestures for more information.

Content creators should consider the swipe-gesture length when designing content containing HTML assets, such as videos. Otherwise, a user may swipe to another slide accidentally when attempting to select an HTML asset.