Setup Veeva Multichannel Consent for WeChat

Approved WeChat utilizes the Veeva Multichannel Consent model and process to manage the HCP subscription and opt-in for receiving Approved WeChat content through Tencent WeChat Service Accounts.

In addition to the following configuration steps, Consent Capture must be configured to access this feature. See Consent Capture for more details.

Creating Content Type Records for WeChat Service Accounts

HCP users subscribe to individual WeChat Service Accounts with each subscription being tracked as distinct opt-in records within Multichannel Consent. The individual WeChat Service Accounts are managed in the Content_Type_vod object within the Multichannel Consent model. Each WeChat Service Account in Veeva Approved WeChat contains a disclaimer page which is displayed to the HCP user before completing a subscription to the Service Account. The Disclaimer page is an external web page configured as a URL in the Disclaimer_Page_URL_vod field on the Content_Type_vod object.

Administrators need to create a tab for Content Type. Then create a Content_Type_vod record for each Service Account to be supported in the Veeva CRM org.

The Content_Type_vod record should include the following information:

  • Record type: WeChat_Service_Account_vod
  • Service Account name

Creating a Consent Type Record for the WeChat Channel

Approved WeChat utilizes the Consent_Type_vod object in Veeva Multichannel Consent to model WeChat as a channel for HCP engagement and consent.

Administrators need to create one Consent_Type_vod record for Approved WeChat and include the following information:

  • Record type - WeChat_vod
  • Select All_Content_Types_vod for the Product_Preference field on the Consent_Type_vod object.