Setting Up Content for Approved WeChat

Users are able to share marketing and product material via Approved WeChat after an HCP is verified and subscribes to a service account. All content is stored in Vault. For this reason, there is a Vault-CRM Integration.

Flagging Content in Vault for Approved WeChat

The Approved WeChat player supports HTML, videos, images, and PDF presentations. PDF presentations can contain a maximum of 100 slides for optimal performance. All content is stored in Vault. Select the WeChat attribute in the Engage Document section in Vault to use content in Approved WeChat.

Associating Content to Service Account Templates in Veeva CRM

Content is shared with subscribed HCPs as a link in a WeChat message using a WeChat Service Account template associated to the Service Account. Content needs to be associated with at least one WeChat Service Account template (Approved Document record) in order for users to share it with HCPs. Content can also be associated with more than one WeChat Service Account template to allow users to select the most appropriate message template for the content they want to share.

Message_template_content_vod is a new object that maintains the association between the Multichannel Content and the WeChat Service Account template (Approved Document). This object is used in conjunction with existing CRM objects: Approved_Document_vod and Multichannel_Content_vod. These objects have new fields and record types specific for Approved WeChat. See the CRM Configuration section for the appropriate permission settings.

Administrators need to create Message_template_content_vod records for each association needed between the Multichannel Content records and Approved Document records (WeChat Service Account Template).

Providing Reps Access to Content in Approved WeChat

Users share content through the Approved WeChat Application by selecting an available product and available content for that product. The products displayed in the initial product list are defined by the Detail Products set in the user's MySetup.