Components of Approved WeChat

Tencent WeChat Client

Approved WeChat is supported on the Tencent WeChat client. The Tencent WeChat client allows all users to access a variety of consumer-facing services and capabilities including instant messaging, payment services, subscription to accounts, and employee-facing corporate applications through Enterprise WeChat. Tencent WeChat is supported on Android and iPhone devices.

Tencent WeChat Enterprise Account and Enterprise WeChat Account

Tencent WeChat Enterprise Account allows a customer to provide users access to internal corporate applications and communications via WeChat to HCPs. Enterprise WeChat Account is similar to Tencent WeChat Enterprise Account and supports the same integrations and APIs. Approved WeChat supports both of these Accounts. Customers must have a Tencent WeChat Enterprise Account (or Tencent Enterprise WeChat Account) enabled before integrating with Veeva CRM.

Tencent WeChat Enterprise Account Application

For Approved WeChat, users access the Approved WeChat application through a Tencent WeChat Enterprise Account application configured within their company's Tencent WeChat Enterprise Account. For example, Sarah Jones, a sales rep for Verteo BioPharma, accesses Verteo BioPharma's WeChat Enterprise Account. Within the Tencent WeChat Enterprise Account, Verteo BioPharma creates one or more application definitions pointing to external application URLs. Veeva's Approved WeChat Application is setup and defined in Verteo BioPharma's enterprise account as one of these application definitions. Customers can create user groups within the Tencent WeChat Enterprise Account to control access defined by the applications user group as well as at the individual user level.

Veeva Approved WeChat Application

The Veeva Approved WeChat Application is a web-based client application accessed via Tencent's Enterprise WeChat and Tencent WeChat client. This allows users access to Approved WeChat functionalities. Tencent WeChat Service Account The Service Account allows a customer to provide a public-facing communication channel to interact and push feeds to HCPs. A customer obtains a WeChat Service Account by registering directly with Tencent. HCPs access Approved WeChat content via a customer's WeChat Service Account. A Service Account is aligned to products or specific therapeutic areas in CRM. For example, one service account is aligned to Cholecap. Another service account is aligned to Cardiology.

Other Components

Component Description
Tencent WeChat Service Account Template Tencent WeChat Service Account Templates are registered in the WeChat Service Account platform and are used to send WeChat messages to subscribed HCPs.
Approved WeChat Content Player A web-based media player displays the content shared as a link in a message sent to the HCP in the WeChat Service Account by a sales rep.