Approved WeChat on WeCom Components

Tencent WeChat on WeCom Client

WeChat on WeCom is a business communication and office collaboration tool developed by Tencent. As a separate, dedicated app, WeChat on WeCom provides the same familiar communication experience as WeChat and connects with WeChat in an all-round manner. WeChat on WeCom onboards all internal corporate employees and offers productivity tools such as Event, Meeting, and flexible OA apps for effective business communication and management. It also provides a platform and APIs for third-party apps to build business applications. In addition, WeChat on WeCom is integrated with WeChat, providing unmatched connectivity that facilitates smart management, ecosystem, and services for enterprises.

For the pharma industry, WeChat on WeCom offers many compliance-related features toAW ensure communication with HCPs is effective via the most popular social channel, but at the same time compliant, and controllable.

Veeva plans to deliver a set of business applications on the WeChat on WeCom platform. Approved WeChat is the application pharma sales reps can use to connect with external contacts (HCPs) and share medical contents that have been approved by pharma companies.

Tencent WeChat Client

HCPs will continue to use personal WeChat to connect with pharma reps who use Veeva Approved WeChat on WeChat on WeCom client.