Viewing Approved Email License Usage

The Approved Email License Management page enables admins to view the number of Approved Email licenses in use and a list of end users who can send Approved Email.

The org must be in Veeva's Production CMC in order to view this page. Contact Veeva support if you are not able to view the Approved Email License Management page.

An Approved Email user is defined as an active user with the following privileges:

  • Create access to the Sent_Email_vod object
  • Visibility to at least one active Sent_Email_vod record type

The number of Approved Email users and the list of users displaying on the Approved Email License Management tab are calculated as part of the scheduled Approved Email Process. The Approved Email Process must be run from the Veeva Process Scheduler. A Last Calculated date and time are displayed on the Approved Email License Management page to indicate how recently the information was calculated.

Refreshing Approved Email Licenses is a process that may take up to 15 minutes to complete.

A View drop-down list enables admins to analyze the org's Approved Email users. The default view option is All. For admins who have the ModifyAllData permission in their profile, additional view options are available in the drop-down list, which are the configured User views.

User views with the Visible only to me visibility restriction are excluded from the drop-down menu.